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General Kendo Questions and How to Join IGA-Kendo Club

General Kendo Questions

  1. What is Kendo?

    Simply put, Kendo is a Japanese martial art, or budo, that teaches methods of sparring with swords. In effect Kendo is the Japanese equivalent of European Fencing.

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Getting to Know IGA Kendo Club

  1. What is IGA Kendo Club?

    We are a group of Kendo Clubs based in Metro Manila. Our two clubs are based in Arena Fitness Center in Quezon City and in Dasmarinas Village Covered Court in Makati City. We strive to teach Kendo to anyone who is interested in learning it, and we also hope to be able to help develop Kendo in the Philippines in general.

  2. Who teaches in IGA Kendo Club?

    The head teacher, or sensei, is Igarashi Koji. He is a Japanese businessman who is currently based in the Philippines. He currently holds a 5th-dan rank in Kendo.

  3. I hear there is a UP Kendo Club. Is this the same club as IGA Kendo Club?

    Not exactly. When IGA Kendo Club first formed, many people thought it was a UP-based club because most of the founding members were UP students, teachers and alumni. IGA Kendo Club however is not exclusive for UP-based people, and anyone can join.

    The UP Kendo Club does officially exist, but it is a subsidiary club of the IGA Kendo Club, and was just recently recognized in July 2011. This was formed by the UP-Student members of the IGA Kendo Club in order to develope Kendo in the University of the Philippines.

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Joining IGA Kendo Club

  1. I want to learn Kendo, so how do I join the club?

    First, choose which venue and schedule is more convenient for you. IGA-Ken Arena is based in Quezon City, with a practice schedule every Saturday, 2-6pm. IGA-Ken Dasma is in Makati City, with a practice schedule every Saturday, 10am-12nn.

    An additional consideration is that IGA-Ken Arena currently accepts beginners only during the months of March, July and November. IGA-Ken Dasma can currently still accept prospective beginners anytime.

    Interested applicants are encouraged to go and watch a session beforehand so that you can see what training is about. You can avail of one free session to see if training agrees with you.

    For those interested in joining, just show up during the specified months to sign up and train with the beginners' class. During this first month of training, you should decide whether you will join the club or not. After making this decision, then you can officially join the club.

  2. What should I bring and wear for the free trial session?

    If you want to avail of a free trial session, just wear work out clothes like a t-shirt and shorts/jogging pants. No need to worry about equipment, as we will lend you necessary gear for this session. Just be sure to bring water/drinks and extra clothes.

  3. How much do I have to pay for training?

    Payment are venue specific and should be clarified when you visit a particular club.

  4. Do I need any equipment to start? Like the bamboo or wooden sword? Or the armor?

    No, you do not need any equipment to start training. We can initially lend you a bamboo sword, or shinai, when you sign up. You will be expected to buy one for your own after you decide to continue with training. We can help you buy one, as we regularly import items from abroad.

    Other equipment, such as the armor or bogu, will come later, after about 6 months to a year of basic training.

  5. Is there any other training schedule other than the Saturday sessions?

    Currently, only IGA-Ken Arena has a weekday session. Starting January 2013, it will be set on Thursdays, 8-10pm. However, we strongly recommend beginners primarily attend the Saturday sessions, as these are the ones that Igarashi-Sensei regularly attends and heads. The weekday sessions are considered advanced sessions, and beginners might not be able to focus on their own basic training if they participate in these sessions.

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